I was raised in Los Angeles California. Now living in Austin, TX. I am a makeup junkie. I started my make up career over 10 years ago. I fell in love with make up after watching “What not to wear”. Carmindy really inspired and reminded me that less is more. I wanted to go out and remind every woman how beautiful they are.

I am a self taught makeup artist, though I did work for Sephora for over 2yrs. I became one of their certified makeup artist and then became their Beauty Studio Captain. It was a great experience and really allowed me to learn from other brands. Plus, I got to meet some amazing, passionate people.

I’ve collaborated and worked for some amazing people. Which has inspired me to take my passion to another level and start blogging/reviewing products. I’ve been the “Go to” for so many people, so why not expand that.

I’m brutally honest and only wish the best for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by and joining me in this new journey!