Lashes! coming soon

I don’t know about you ladies by I love lashes! They have of way of transforming how I feel. Even with the most minimal makeup, I’m extra af with lashes. I’ve tried many lashes and one of my favorite lashes are the Koko “Goddess”. They are 3D faux Lashes, which is my preference since it doesn’t involve animal and there is not change they were hurt in the process.

With that being said! I’m giving you guys a heads that I will be opening my own lash company. It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time and had to put on hold due to family health issues. But now that everything had settled down, I’m going forward with the process and I’m just so happy that I had to let you guys know.


I won’t announce the name yet for obvious reason and because I’m not set on it. Guys, I can’t wait! I hope you will support my next move and also I’d like to invite you help me name some the lashes. I will posting some images on my Instagram!

Let’s make it a team effort eh? Here are some images ❤️❤️ Let me know what kinds of lashes you think I should include.


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