Finishing touch flawless facial hair remover

I bought this little gadget at Ulta. I was browsing, you know how we do. Just looking to spend some money. There she was…. just looking pretty and shiny. I was completely captivated by the gold and black packaging (they do offer other colors pink, white).

Dragged my sister to it and convinced her to buy one too lol. We go home and guess what it comes with batteries already! Yessss, I wish all devices did. Turn it on and yes it was bit loud and yes it sounds like a bullet 😂 (not that i know anything about that). But anyways…

Turn it on and start in circular motion around my face. Open the lid and OMG!!! I never knew how hairy I was. It’s nasty guys, my sister then opened hers and same thing.

Ladies if you want a painless way of removing your facial hair this is the way to go. It’s under $20 and you can use Ulta coupon, I’ve also seen at Target now.  GO GET ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing else I can say, but go get one. This is great! I love it ❤️


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