Herbal Essences Argain oil of Morocco

Hair, I hate doing my hair. There is nothing more annoying to me that having to do my hair. I wish I was rich to be able to afford someone to come do my hair all fabulous all the time.

I like around look for random products to try at the grocery store. I found myself in the hair aisle, with all the shiny hair stuff. Of course, having my sister there didn’t help but she always motivates me to do it lol. Specially, because this is one of her favorite shampoo and conditioners. Although, we have different types of hair. I was intrigued by the beautiful colors and the “Bring your hair back to life in just 21 days” ad.

Described on CVS.com:

Available: CVS, Randalls, samsclub, herbalessance.com, target, walmart
Price: 7.99 and up
Ingredients from CVS:

Directions: Apply shampoo generously to wet hair, massage into a creamy lather and then rinse. Follow with Herbal Essences’ Conditioner with bio:renew. ( In case you needed to know this)

My personal experience was not all the great. My hair reacted the opposite of what it says it would help with. My hair was super frizzy and dry and although it smells great. I can’t see myself using it again. I wanted to avoid the experience I had with the “Hair Food” shampoo and conditioner that after using it for a week and half. I gave it to my sister since she loves it so much. I was completely disappointed because I was hoping for the same experience as all the reviews.

Have you tried it? I’ve used other Herbal Essence products and this is the 1st to disappoint me.  Let me know your experience.



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