The makeup Show Dallas 9.23-9.24 Experience

Hi loves!  Did you attend the makeup show in Dallas on 09/23-09/24? I sure did, I will tell you I had a blast because per usual, I was able to learn from some amazing people. But also, because I use it as a mini vacation with friends.  How was your experience this year?  Overall,  I was disappointed in the lack of brands that showed up this year. I was hoping for more brands. Some brands still respect makeup artist and support them like Viseart. Don’t let me start..


Overall, I was excited because Kevin James Bennett and Renny Vasquez were there this year! OMG I geeked out so much. I love these talented men! I also was given the opportunity to take my best friend as my guest. It was truly amazing, he isn’t a make artist and by the end of it. He told he felt inspired and felt like this seminar was very rewarding to other makeup artist. To top it off Brian Champagne  was there and I got to experience all their speeches. They are truly talented men, with so much experience and motivation it’s incredible.

Kevin focused on what was in Kit and talked how to pack lightly. Renny focused on make up application. Brian discussed social media and some of his secret tips.


Here’s a few pics! If you have any of us or any you would like to share let me know!

I’m also hosting a giveaway to thank you for your support end October 15 2017! So go to my instagram and follow instructions!!!!!!!!!!




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