Oiliology 100% Natural Rosehip Oil Collagen Facial Treatment

Let’s talk about facial oils! Let’s be honest most of us oily girls run away from oils.  I know I did!  I am sure you’ve heard that oily skin is really just dehydrated skin,  so i over produces to hydrate itself.  Let’s face it ladies, we will always be oily and need to blot. There is no magic potion that will ever make us look completely matte and in all honesty I don’t mind that. I like my skin looking radiant and healthy, matte in some areas is good. But it can easily look so flat, dry and make you look older and not in the good way.Capture

So I began a search of inexpensive holy grail items.  I wanted not feel guilty using it everyday or cry if I drop it.  In my search,  I tried many oils and  I wasn’t impressed and most had a smell that was way too over powering (they gave me headaches). Then one day at TJ Maxx I came across Oiliology 100% Natural Collagen Face Treatment Rosehip & Vitamin E oils for 4.99, I could not pass them.  I bought other facial oils that day but are not worth mentioning.  So let’s get details!

Oliology Collagen Facial Treatment claims:  Oliology Facial Oils deliver moisture, boost radiance and give skin a healthy, dewy glow. These amazing all natural facial care must-haves are jam-packed with therapeutic grade oils for beauty boosting results and are the best way to deliver the most bio-availablenutrients to your skin.

Price: $4.99 – $20.00  for 1 oz  (Expires 24M after being opened)IMG_3685

Suggested Usage:  Apply after cleansing. Can be used day or night before moisturizing, makeup or sunscreen. Gently massage oil onto your face and neck. Start with a single drop, add more as needed


• 100% Natural Therapeutic Grade
• Healthy-Looking Radiant Sheen
• Delays Appearance of Wrinkles
• Rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 Fatty Acids
• Infuses skin with enriched hydration
• Increases skin elasticity
• Lightweight, fast absorbing and non-greasy
• Provides skin with a luminous glow
• Paraben-free
• All natural and preservative-free

Pros:  Affordable if you find them at TJ MAXX  or Marshalls, Non Greasy,  24 months  before expiring, it has a dropper.

IMG_3686Cons:  Can be found only online or TJ Maxx or Marshalls

Overall thoughts: I really think it’s something to consider including in your skin care routine. I use it at night,  sometimes during the day if the foundation is a little dry and needs a little help for gliding application.   It truly is non greasy, it sinks in to the skin rapidly my skin isn’t any more greasy than it was, in fact in some areas it’s a  little less oily.  My skin is smoother, keep in mind I have really textured skin and psoriasis on top of that. I love how it feels and can’t wait to see what else it will help with.  I love it so much I’m already down less than to half of my bottle.

Let me know if you try it and what you think!


Xo -Dania




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