Kleancolor Lip Liner Color

TYKL8375I don’t know about you, but I love a great bargain. Specially when it comes to makeup. For a ling time I was obsessed with Nyx lip liners, they are affordable and awesome!

I seriously can’t complain about this lip liners, they are still so great and affordable. But i came across Kleancolor lip liner in 838 Ever, OMG!  I love this color and for $1 you can’t beat that. Nyx has raised their prices and even though they are still very affordable, I think I found the next best thing. IMG_3609

Details:  KleanColor liner pencil is a high precision and richly textured liner. It redefines, outlines and makes your lips fresh colored without feathering.

Available: Amazon, Kleancolor.com, Shopmissa.com

Price: $1.00 4 ounces

Application: Do I really need to tell you?

Ingredients: Seriously guys, I looked but couldn’t find anything. But I did find this on Shopmissa.com “Absolutely not.  Miss A is a pet-friendly and animal loving company. We neither condone, nor support the selling of products tested on animals. While we do not manufacture the products we sell, we have confirmed with all of our beauty/cosmetics brands and they insist – they do not test on animals.”

YHOR4531Overall thoughts: Even though I couldn’t find ingredients, I feel safer knowing there is no animal cruelty and obviously my lips have fallen so I guess that ok, right? Eek, either way I really do love this lip liner and I will for sure be getting some more of these lip liners and be 100% sure I will be getting color 838 Ever. If you are in search for a inexpensive lip liner this is one to definitely keep your eyes open for.

Check  Kleancolor’s Instagram account out. They are growing fast!



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