Makeup Artist with Psoriasis (my story)

I’ve been a Makeup Artist for over 10 years now, it’s crazy but it’s true.  I was diagnosed with psoriasis about 6 years ago. I didn’t know I had psoriasis when I started as  makeup artist.  It’s been a difficult journey, but what in life isn’t?

So let’s take it back when I didn’t know I had psoriasis. I’ve always had combination skin, my T-zone being the oiliest. My body has always been super dry, I always struggled with moisturizer because I hated the feeling of some of these moisturizers. Yet, my face was always so oily that I almost avoided adding moisturizer (Stupid me, I didn’t know any better). I was young and obviously not paying attention to the signgs my body was giving me for a very long time.  I lived in Los Angeles and pretty much lived at the beach, so I really didn’t see huge indications of it.

Psoriasis on elbow

In 1999, I moved to Kansas City and it was my nightmare. I hated Kansas City, specially when I started noticing how my skin started changing. I would have dry patches on my arms. Since it snowed alot in Kansas during the cold season, I drenched myself in lotion. Watching “What not to wear” and getting inspired  with Carmindy is where things started changing for me. I started noticing changes on my skin, my makeup but nothing crazy in till I moved to Austin, TX.

In 2006, we moved to Austin, TX. I fell in love with this “little” city. But immediately after moving here my skin took a turn for the worse. I started noticing red, flaky patches on my skin just months after moving here. I had this big red flaky patch on my forehead, there for everyone to see and stare. I started focusing on makeup in attempt to cover up. But fell in love with it more when applying to other like my sisters, friends.  Anyone who would let me to get some practice time in. I started reading books, I specially fell in love with Eve Pearl‘s  Plastic surgery without the surgery that I had bought in Kansas.

Little by little by psoriasis started spreading to scalp, so I had it checked out after a few years of trying to treat it myself because I thought I wasn’t using the right stuff. He then diagnosed me with Chronic Plaque Psoriasis. He provided  ointments/treatments and also  scared me to death by telling me “Psoriasis effects over 5 million people, it’s an autoimmune disorder and woman with severe psoriasis have a life span of almost 5 years shorter than average woman”. How scary is that? I was super depressed and scared in so many ways. Treatments and ointments but like everything else, your body becomes immune to them.

Moving on, I started working at Sephora while Freelancing. Loved working there in till Management changed and stress became super high and intolerable for me and I was 75% covered in Psoriasis. You can see it on my hands, nails, hair, face and legs. Treatments were more severe and more expensive. People would stare at me and I know they can’t help it, if you see red patches on someone. Some people would request someone else for help. I’ve lost freelancing gigs for it, people are just not comfortable with knowing I have these patches all over me (heart breaking).

“Is psoriasis contagious? No. Psoriasis is not contagious. Psoriasis is not transmitted sexually or by physical contact. Psoriasis is not caused by lifestyle,diet, or bad hygiene”


Have you ever tried explaining that to other people?  Yeah, They don’t believe you, all they know is that there is something all over you and that’s not normal. No oil, ointment, ointment at this point is helping my situation. So the dermatologist is suggesting, pills (Pills whose side effects include and are limited to Cancer, blood clogging, heart attacks). Why would anyone want to put themselves through that?  I realize this will be my life and I accept that, I just wish other people would too. I’ve gone from full-time Freelance Makeup Artist to part-time, because it’s hard out there and even more when you have a condition that makes people nervous.

Why not give up? I will never give up on my dream of being a full-time makeup artist again, to own my business. To be able to go out there and make people feel beautiful, confident and share their special day with them. I don’t envision myself being a celebrity makeup artist nor did I ever want to be. I want to make normal people like myself feel beautiful for at least one day or celebrate that special event with them. It’s so rewarding, you have no idea how much I love the feeling.

“No cake face, no insta makeup” 

Since I fell in love with makeup by watching “What not to wear”  my style is less is more. That also applies to my business, not everyone understands Psoriasis so when I get hired for jobs, I make sure they are comfortable. The industry has been hard on me because of my psoriasis, but every day is a new day. I’m fighting my way up guys, so don’t give up. I cry, I hurt and wish my skin and was perfect like so many others. But this is what I’ve been given and I’m willing to work with it. I’ve since then found other clients with psoriasis, giving them advise and letting them know I will take care of them on our consultation  fills my heart.

Fight your way to the top, I’m nowhere near where I thought or wished I would be before I was diagnosed.  I might be climbing up the mountain like a turtle. But I will get there, if you are an aspiring make artist and have psoriasis. Don’t give up. Treat it and know that there will be some good days and bad with Psoriasis flares. If there is anything I can tell you from my experience and you already know this but I’d like to remind you. “What’s yours is yours, nobody can take it away” this apply this to your life.  Don’t let this skin problem take over you. Don’t let this little mountain define your life, don’t you want to one day look back and  see how far you’ve come?

Take it from me, we can do this. We can join together and do this. I believe in us, I believe in YOU. Let’s show everyone what we can do this. Psoriasis doesn’t define you, Psoriasis shouldn’t dictate our life. We owe it to ourselves!

My arm

Hope my story inspires you.  To some this is no big deal. To those people who have it and have been treated and avoided at all cost, this can be very hard and depressing.

Keep your head up love







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