Qosmedix & Thrive Causemetics

Shout out for not good but Great Customer Service!

Qosmedix:“Qosmedix is a global, full-service provider of wholesale beauty supplies for the cosmetic, skin care and fragrance industries”

Thrive Causemetics: “Thrive Causemetics is Beauty with a Purpose: for every product you purchase, we donate one to a woman in need. We believe changing the world starts with a single ingredient, and that’s why we create vegan formulas whenever possible containing proven ingredients without the use of parabens, sulfates or toxins. All of our high-performance cosmetics are developed at Thrive Lab in Seattle—we control every step of the product development process, and a large part of it involves you.”

I want to come out here and personally give Qosmedix & Thrive Causemetics a shout out for their amazing customer service.


I had to place an order on both of their websites when I realize I was missing somethings from my kit (hope who took them is enjoy them). I was so worried they wouldn’t make it to me on type since I had a wedding the next week. I added a comment to my order requesting my order to be shipped out asap if possible. I received an email the same day within a few minutes telling me my order had been shipped.

These two companies took upon themselves to reach out to me and let me know they read my message and my order was on it’s way and I should get my package within 2-3 business days and I did.

My orders
  1. Sure I know any company can do that, but will they? No sir! Not many will
  2.  The fact they reached out to me to let me know that we know you need, so we will get out to you asap.
  3. Who sends actually send out an email to their clients with their contact info so I can keep them posted?

This might not be much too some, but to me. It’s  a lot, this is who I chose to make business with. People who care, just as much as I do for their clients.


So here I am wanting to let them know that I appreciate everything they did for me. People are quick to complain, but when someone does something nice you rarely hear about it. So spread the word on these two amazing companies.

These companies have amazing products!


Read about Thrive Causemetics and their amazing purpose and great products!


Thank you!



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