The Makeup Show Dallas 2015 (The aftermath)

The Makeup show Dallas was once again AMAZING!  Last year  I was able to meet Ve neill, Daven Mayeda and Elessa Jade aka purse buzz. So I was really excited for this year, I had made plans to join some classes to really enjoy this year.  I also got some amazing deals! Just take a look!

Going back to the amazing talent makeup artist they invited. We got to listen Mr. Orlando Santiago and be inspired. We also attended Aj Crimson truly left me inspired and grateful for being able to meet such amazing people. His energy, his work ethic were truly something that stood out.

I can’t really share their stories or much of the seminar because I feel I would be missing parts. But also because you should really experience these seminars. If you love being a makeup artist and want to pursue this career, why not learn and listen from the very best in the business.  Below I have pasted some of the pictures, I have also attached the link The Makeup Show for you to join next year!

If you have any questions let me know! Hey we might even meet there!


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