The Makeup Show (Dallas)

20150608_204225I just left a cocktail gathering/meeting with the one and only James Vincent (excuse my face in the picture). I’m super excited and just inspired to spread the word that The Makeup Show is almost here! June 13-14.

Their 2nd year in Dallas!

The Makeup Show is the largest pro-only makeup event in the United States“.

Yes ma’am Pro only, this isn’t like the other trade shows where everyone can get in. This is not not a Youtuber meet greet event either. This is a place where working artist can get together; network, learn from each other and buy pro products. It’s the best!

As I mentioned above this will be their 2nd year in Dallas and I couldn’t be happier. You get to learn from the pro’s! You get to socialize with people, you would have never met and lastly you get to buy all the makeup and hair products you want. How bad can it be? Umm I came back last year to $20 to my name lol.

It will be held at the Hyatt Hotel in Dallas, this year they will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary!!! Can you believe that? Yet, this is their 2nd year here. What took them so long, right ?

1389421_1485212528427965_439393103_nI attended last year 2014 with my friend Jenny and we got to meet Veneill, Daven Mayeda and Elessa Jade aka Pursebuzz. Yes, I acted like a fan girl but let’s be honest if you know how talented they are how could you not be?  They are what I one day would love to be.

If you want to experience how amazing this event is, join all of us on June 13-14 2015. You can get a ticket for 1 day or 2. Bring a friend along and go get inspired by these amazing artist. The Makeup Show is a must attend for sure.

This is just a preview of the amazing they have at the show! This is last years pics, can you imagine yourself there this years?   See you there!




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